Utah Real Estate Expert Kris Bowen Brings New Meaning To Innovative Marketing

Posted by Kris Bowen on Sunday, October 11th, 2015 at 11:04am.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- October 2, 2015

Kris Bowen, a Utah Real Estate Expert known for building the #1 Small Sales Team in Utah, has done it again. He recently represented a seller of a vintage home from the 1950s. This iconic 1950s home was kept in pristine condition. Countertops were the same, cabinets still had a factory-look, and the bedrooms could have served as the set for I Love Lucy. The challenge of marketing this retro home was that the typical marketing avenues wouldn't do the home justice. Mailers, an MLS listing, and an email blast about the vintage home simply wouldn't be enough to capture the home's exceptional character. A video, set in the 1950s, was the only way to truly show what this 1950s home had to offer to its future owner.

Kris Bowen capitalized on the growing number of online real estate searches to create an innovative, new approach to real estate marketing. Instead of simply creating a video-walk-through of the 1950s home, this local Realtor decided to go one step further. He hired actresses, actors, makeup artists, furniture, and even brought a vintage 1950s car to the iconic piece of Utah Real Estate. The result was a brilliant piece of marketing that could have easily been a commercial for a 1950s TV show.

From the music choices to the cinematography, the video easily captures the spirit, history, and character of the home. Viewers are transported back to a time when Dad came home to play ball, the family sat down for a home cooked meal, and the kids had a playroom all to themselves. The result of Kris Bowen's innovative marketing was the immediate interest of a buyer. The 1950s home is currently under contract, but its video and customized website, which reads like a 1950s magazine advertisement, will live on in eternity. These brilliant pieces of marketing perfectly encapsulate the notion that in today's digitally driven world, a high-level Real Estate Agent must use innovative techniques to truly capture the essence of a home. Utah Realtor Kris Bowen has taken real estate marketing to the next level with his 1950s home video, which goes beyond a simple home tour, instead, it transports the buyer into a new era, where purchasing a piece of Utah Real Estate history is made possible.


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