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As we see the Utah real estate market heat up it is becoming more frequent for Buyers to find themselves in a multiple offer situation where they are competing against other Buyers on a home. What are some of the strategies you can use to help you get your offer accepted by the Seller? 

  1. Offer above list price
  2. Write an emotional letter to the Seller stating why you want the property
  3. Send a photo to the Seller
  4. Have your lender call the listing agent and discuss your qualifications
  5. Ask the listing agent what the Seller is looking for in an acceptable offer
  6. Offer to pay cash & submit a verification of funds
  7. Offer substantial earnest monies
  8. Make the earnest money non-refundable after inspections
  9. Shorten inspection periods
  10. Offer
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Provo City has once again ranked as a top 10 city in the states for real estate investments. Salt Lake metro came in at #12. Strong job growth, population increase and rising house prices were key indicators when deciding their list. 

Stats for Provo Metro:

  • Population.: 562,239
  • Avg. Home Price: $211,273
  • Pop Growth ('10-'13): 6.2%
  • Jobs Growth (annual): 3.0%
  • Unemployment: 3.1%
  • Annual price growth: 6%
  • Over (+) or under (-) priced by: -7%
  • Home Price/Rent Ratio: 17

Stats for Salt Lake Metro:

  • Pop.: 1,140,483
  • Avg. Home Price: $250,394
  • Pop Growth ('10-'13): 4.4%
  • Jobs Growth (annual): 2.9%
  • Unemployment: 3.2%
  • Annual price growth: 6%
  • Over (+) or under (-) priced by: 1%
  • Home Price/Rent Ratio: 21
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kris bowen real estate teamEverybody here at the Kris Bowen Real Estate Team is absolutely thrilled to announce the re-launch of our flagship website: KrisBowen.com! With the brand new KrisBowen.com, Kris and his team are looking to improve the entire customer experience for both buyers and sellers of Salt Lake City real estate and the surrounding counties.

Some of the incredible new features of the re-designed website include:

  • Improved property details pages featuring in-depth, local and essential data.
  • Comprehensive school information throughout Salt Lake, Utah and Davis Counties.
  • Instant home valuations to assist home sellers.
  • Real, local community information.

Also, when you register on our website, you gain access to even more state-of-the-art features

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We strive to give our clients the best experience possible when buying or selling a home. Sometimes when we meet a buyer looking to hire us to help them locate, negotiate and successfully close on their future home, they come ready with a pre-approval from a lender they found online. Sounds like a perfect scenario right? Not always!

There will always be another lender that can offer you a lower rate/closing costs. What this means is there will always be someone more motivated to get a deal done - even if they only make a few hundred dollars procuring the loan. Like in many service industries, you typically get what you pay for. Mortgage lenders are not just offering a commodity based loan product, they provide a valuable service that you need in order

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Are you thinking of putting your home up on the market for sale, but uncertain where to start? Afraid it will take too long to offer, or that you will not get the price you  would like? Think about “staging” your property, or in other words, setting up the picture for immediate buyer interest in your property.

To be truly efficient, you should review the condition of both the exterior as well as the interior of your house. Here are 3 pointers to get you started with the inside of your home:.

1. De-clutter. This is one of the best and most critical things you should do. It may be much easier to visualize de-cluttering with the thought that you’re moving at any rate, so why not start getting ready right now?

Pack up everything you do not need and

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